The most beautiful beach on the island with a magnificent view and unusual landscape, shallow and warm water is ideal for everyone.Protected by the National Marine Park of Zakynthos as it’s one of the most popular beaches in which the sea turtle Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. By the open parking area you can visit the info kiosk and be informed about the regulations for the protection of the sea turtle.
Distance from Myrties : 1.5 Km


Located at the south of the island protected by the National Marine Park as it also one of the beaches where the sea turtles Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. Umbrellas and sunbeds are offered from the local tavernas.
Distance from Myrties : 7 Km

Banana Beach

The longest beach on the island well organised offers many beach bars, sun beds, umbrellas and water sports. Where relaxation meets entertainment.
Distance from Myrties : 700 m

ST Nickolas Beach

Sandy beautiful bay named by the picturesque church on the rocks. Very well organised offers a variety of water-sports, diving and beach games like beach volley and more.
Distance from Myrties : 700 m

Skopos mountain

Breathtaking 360 view of the island.
On the mountain with a history of 3.000 years named Skopos you will find the old monastery of Panagia Skopiotisa. After the earthquake in 1521, the church was destroyed and later it was rebuilt from it's ruins. Perfect for morning or evening hiking tours.
Distance from Myrties : 20 minutes by car


One of the most famous and photographed beaches in the world. In 1983 a boat which was passing by carrying untaxed cigarettes chased by the coast guard was abandoned by the captain and the crew and the ship was driven by the big waves and placed in the middle of the beach.
Distance from Myrties : 50 Km


At the west side rocky with deep cold water, beautiful sunset, Limnionas is a unique narrow gulf must place to visit.
Distance from Myrties : 45 Km


Korakonisi for it's natural beauty is more isolated.
Distance from Myrties : 37 Km

Xygia - Blue Caves

The 2nd most photographed area of zakynthos, discovered in 1897 consisted of many different caves, named "Blue" because of the deep blue color of the water caused by the reflection of the sun.
Xygia beach: unique sandy beach with white water due to the sulphur gushed from the rocks.
Distance from Myrties : 32 Km

Marathonisi - Mizithres

Keri caves and the "Turtle" island are at the south-western part of the island. Enjoy a private speed boat trip with caving, swimming in the 50 shades of blue waters and turtle spotting.
Distance from Myrties : 29 Km